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Best Bridal Store in San Luis Obispo County

Celebrating Mareh Couture’s Victory: Best Bridal Store in San Luis Obispo County


Mareh Couture is awarded best bridal store in San Luis Obispo County
Best Bridal Store in San Luis Obispo County

Owner of Mareh Couture celebrating victory
best bridal store in san luis obispo

I am over the moon to announce that Mareh Couture Bridal has been awarded the prestigious title of California Wedding Day's Best Bridal Store in San Luis Obispo County! This honor fills me with immense joy and gratitude, and I couldn't have done it without the unwavering support of my beautiful brides and incredible vendor friends.


It was a Night to Remember!


The gala, organized by California Wedding Day, was a breathtaking celebration of excellence in the wedding industry. Held at the enchanting Majestic Hotel in Los Angeles, the evening was nothing short of magical. Wedding professionals, talented vendors, and dear friendors gathered to celebrate the achievements and milestones of the past year.

California Wedding Day Award, celebrating the winners
California Wedding Day Award 2024


It was The Perfect Evening


As we arrived at the Majestic Hotel, the air buzzed with excitement. The venue, adorned with elegant decor set the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable night. Guests were treated to live music, while an array of delectable cocktails and desserts delighted our taste buds.


The vibrant dresses, happy smiles, and heartfelt conversations created an atmosphere of perfect celebration. It was truly a night where the wedding community came together to honor the hard work and dedication that goes into making every bride’s dream come true.


With a Heartfelt Gratitude


Winning this award is a testament to the love and support I receive from my brides and vendor friends. I want to extend my deepest thanks to everyone who voted for Mareh Couture Bridal. Your trust and confidence in Mareh Couture  inspire me to continually strive for excellence and to provide an unparalleled bridal shopping experience.

California Wedding Day event presented by the publishers


Best Bridal Store in San Luis Obispo


At Mareh Couture, I am committed to helping every bride find the dress of her dreams. I will continue offering the highest level of service, exquisite bridal collections, and a personalized experience that makes every bride feel special.


2024 Award winners announced
Best of California Wedding Day Winners

Looking Ahead


As I celebrate this incredible achievement, I look forward to the future with excitement and optimism. I am dedicated to growing, evolving, and continuing to serve the brides in San Luis Obispo County and beyond with passion and love.


Thank you once again to California Wedding Day, my amazing brides, and my wonderful vendor friends. Here’s to many more beautiful weddings and joyous celebrations!


With love ALWAYS


Mariam X Mareh Couture

Photo credits Sheff Production, California Wedding Day

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